Crop Science & Production

We're committed to acquiring, integrating and sharing basic and applied knowledge about field crops and cropping systems in an ever-changing world.
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Soil Science

We strive to understand the structure and function of the earth's surface. Our broad discipline includes soil biology, chemistry, physics, fertility, and pedology.
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One effective method for increasing seed availability is through the establishment of agronomic-style seed propagation and increase programs that produce native plant seed for restoration...
White top, an invasive weed, has exploded to alarming levels in Malheur County this year.
Highlights from the Wildflower Production Field Day 2016
Stripe rust in wheat has been an intermittent problem in Eastern Oregon and the last two years it arrived late enough in the season that most growers decided not to treat for it, said Bill Buhrig...
Lauren Gwin, associate director of the Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems at Oregon State University Extension, said the arrangement is significant... (Capital Press)


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