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This page contains the position description, candidate CV's, and recorded candidate seminars for the Soil Water Quality position.
Soil Water Quality Assistant Professor   Summary This position contributes to the missions of Oregon State University Agricultural...
The Cemetery Studies Lab at OSU is taking a closer look at cemeteries, and we'd like you to be a part of that exploration.
Overuse and dependency on one type of herbicide for weed control can result in a population of herbicide-resistant weeds.
Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Their Management. Mallory-Smith, C., A. Hulting, D. Thill, D. Morishita, and J. Krenz. 2007. PNW 437. 
Tips and techniques that can help manage and control the spread of invasive weeds in Oregon.
Invasive weeds affect all Oregonians in many ways. Invasive weeds can invade crop land, reducing crop yield and quality. Natural areas and...
Current graduate students and their research
Name Degree/Department Major Professor Research Interest Suphannika Intanon Ph.D., Crop and Soil Science...
Weeds in nursery products
Assessment of Weed Management Needs in W. Oregon Assessing weed management needs in nurseries. Weeds Commonly Found in Pacific Northwest...
Weeds in pastures and rangeland
Yellow Starthistle: Ecology and Management on Pacific Northwest Rangelands. EM 8580-E
Weeds in specialty seed crops
Willamette Valley Specialty Seed Association - Promotes quality seed production in the Willamette Valley. Canola in the Valley - How Carol...
Weeds in irrigated crops
The Hermiston Agricultural Research & Extension Center is the center of research on weed control in irrigated crops.
Weeds in Grass Seed
Rough Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon EM 8806-E Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon  EM 8807-E