2015 ASA Educational Materials Awards Program

Explains the agronomic value and applicable regulations for beneficial recycling of municipal biosolids as a fertilizer. Dan M. Sullivan*, Craig G. Cogger, and Andy I. Bary; a circular, fact sheet, brochure (over 16 pages). Pacific Northwest Extension publication 508.

Major topics include:

  • fertilizer replacement value of biosolids;
  • effect of biosolids processing on nitrogen (N) forms, organic N mineralization rates, and ammonium-N retention,
  • biosolids quality factors (trace element concentrations and pathogen levels),
  • effects of biosolids applications on soil pH and soil quality,
  • applicable regulations for land application in agriculture,
  • questions and answers about biosolids safety and application practices.

Major audiences are farmers, agricultural professionals, city biosolids managers, and state/county regulatory agencies that play a role in site approval for land application of biosolids.   Secondary audiences include general public and extension educators and students.

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