2015 Oregon Winter Elite Yield Trials (OWEYT)

All data is preliminary. We reserve the right to include additional data and/or make corrections and modifications as needed.

2015 Oregon Winter Elite Yield Trial (OWEYT)

Condon (no data - weed control)
Dayton (no data - weed control)
Hermiston - (Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center) - (no data - winter injury)
Hermiston SBMV

Madras (no data - herbicide injury)
Milton Freewater
Moro (Sherman Experiment Center)
Moro (Kaseberg Farm)
North Willamette Valley
Parma, Idaho
Pendleton (Ruggs Farm)
Pomeroy, Washington
South Willamette Valley (no data - overfertilization and BYDV)



Low to intermediate rainfall

High rainfall and Irrigated