Amber Moore
Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

The focus of my position is to conduct applied research and to develop nutrient and lime recommendations that improve nutrient use efficiency by large acreage crops grown in Oregon. The crops of primary focus are on grass grown for seed, cereals, and potatoes, with a secondary focus on minor crops (other seed crops, peppermint, forages, vegetables, berries, Christmas trees, etc.).

OSU Campus
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Soil Science
3063 Ag & Life Sciences Building Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


My research program is focused on developing soil fertility research efforts that are statistically sound and address current soil fertility needs in Oregon large acreage field crops. Research interests include fertilizer response, nitrogen mineralization, acidificaiton caused by nitrogen fertilitizers, lime response, plant nutrient uptake, and soil nutrient dynamics, 

I accept graduate students for Crop and Soil Science
I can serve on graduate committees


Journal articles

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Extension publications

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Outreach and Extension

I extend science-based soil fertility recommendations and education to growers, agricultural professionals, environmental and agricultural government agency employees, OSU extension faculty, and students through extension publications, workshop presentations, popular press articles, and guest lectures.