Austin  Hawks
Austin Hawks
Instructor, Eastern Oregon University
Eastern Oregon University
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Badgley Hall 205, One University Blvd
La Grande, OR 97850
United States


Austin has worked in the production agriculture industry for a vegetable and fruit processing and packing facility in many facets, but most enjoys the interaction with individuals in the education field.  Austin has worked for Eastern Wyoming College (Torrington, WY) as an instructor, Davis School District (Clearfield, UT) as an agriculture instructor and FFA advisor.  He is now employed by Oregon State University at the Eastern Oregon Agriculture & Natural Resource Program (EOANRP) in La Grande, OR at the Eastern Oregon University (EOU) campus.


Austin Hawks was born and raised on a small farm in Centralia, WA.  While on the family farm he enjoyed working with animals and watching plants grow in their large garden and hay fields.  This interest drove him to obtain a B.S. in Agriculture Business, Science and Technology from Brigham Young University – Idaho, as well as a B.S in Agricultural Education and a M.S. in Soil Science from Utah State University. 


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Leksungnoen, N., R.K. Kjelgren, P.G. Johnson, G.E. Cardon and A. Hawks. 2012. Salinity tolerance in woody species seedlings under greenhouse conditions with an adapted low volume near-continuous gradient dosing system. (Currently seeking publication)

Woldezion, M. Water Resources Development and Holistic Crop Production Technology for Sub-Sahara Africa. Agriculture Handbook.

Fun Fact

Austin and his family enjoy spending their time together canoeing, biking, or hiking.