Class Exercises and Reviews

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This is a collection of homework problems and in-class exercises from previous years. They are provided for extra practice with calculations and as a resource if you have questions about how to complete assignments this term. The numerical examples will be different but some of the calculations may be similar.

Class Exercises and Reviews Comments/Solutions
Excel Exercise
Excel Summary
Review problem on CRD
Step-by-step CRD calculation of lab example
Review on CRD key
Alternate view of calculations
CRD calculation of lab example - solutions
Review problem on RBD Review on RBD key
In-class exercise on RBD (1-29-10) In-class RBD exercise key
Exercise on rep and plot size calculations Rep and Plot size calulations key
Review problem on Latin Square Review on Latin Square key
Review problem on subsampling (careful - this is a CRD) Review on subsampling key
In-class exercises (2_15_10)
Sub-sampling in an RBD
Three-way factorial
In-class exercises (2_15_10)
Sub-sampling in an RBD key
Three-way factorial key
In-class exercise (2_24_12)
Two-way factorial
In-class exercise (2_24_12)
Two-way factorial key
Review on factorials Review on factorials key
Review on contrasts Review on contrasts key
In-class exercise 2-24-10
Contrast Example
Contrast Example key
In-class exercise 3-7-2012
In-class_contrasts.doc (relevant SAS output)
Review on split plots Review on split plots key
Final Review (updated 3-18-12) Refer to lecture notes
Comparison of RBD, Split-Plot and Strip-Plot Key for Comparison of RBD, Split-Plot and Strip-Plot
All designs