Crop and Soil Science News/Notes

Crop and Soil News/Notes is published by the Extension Unit of the Department of Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University.

January 2009 - Volume 23, No.1 
Grass and Legume Seed Estimates for 2008, Update of Nmin Soil Test for Predicting N Fertilizer Needs for Winter Wheat, Agriculture Production in Peru: Peruvian and American Perspective, Summary of New Plantings for Oregon Certification, Oregon Society of Soil Scientists – OSSS Winter Meeting 2009.

September 2008 - Volume 22, No. 5
Oregon Seed Growers League 2008 Annual Meeting, All Things Clearfield Wheat, ORCF-101 – Clearfield* Soft White Winter Wheat, Reducing Phosphorus Cost for Grass Seed Production, Electronic Delivery of Potato Information by OSU.

July 2008 - Volume 22, No. 4
Poisonous Plants and Weeds in Pastures – Part 2, Report Cards, Bull’s Eyes, and Nutrients in Wheat Straw – Nutrient Management Considerations as Wheat is Harvested in Western Oregon, The Value of Certified Seed, Update on the Availability of Germination Chambers at the OSU Seed Laboratory.

May 2008 - Volume 22, No. 3
Hyslop Farm Field Day on May 28, Revisiting Nutrient Amount and Value in Grass Straw, Poisonous Plants and Weeds in Pastures – Part 1, Norwest 553 – Hard Red Winter Wheat, Potentials of True Potato Seed, Soil Judgers Compete in Nationals, Oregon Certification Acreage Sign-up Status for 2008, Tuber Resistance in Early Generation Selection of Potatoes to Potato Tuberworm.

March 2008 - Volume 22, No. 2
2007 Seed Production Research Report, Goetze - Soft White Winter Wheat, Herbicide Resistant Weeds Publication, New Application and Inspection Report, OSU Seed Lab Now an ISTA Member Lab.

January 2008 - Volume 22, No.1
Glyphosate Resistance Information – National Glyphosate Stewardship Forum II, The National December Potato Meetings – What’s New, Optimizing Wheat Yields in the Willamette Valley – A Review of Spring Management Practices, 2008, Grass and Legume Seed Estimates for 2007, Summary of New Plantings for Oregon Certification, Needle or Tissue Sampling for Douglas-fir and Noble Fir Christmas Tree Production in Western Oregon.