Don  Wysocki
Don Wysocki
Associate Professor, Extension Soil Scientist

Focused on dryland cropping systems, soil, water and nutrient management, soil erosion, soil quality, and rotational crops.

Umatilla County
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Umatilla Co Extension
2411 NW Carden Ave, Umatilla Hall PO Box 100
Pendleton, OR 97801
United States


Research projects are concerned with improving management of soils under dryland farming systems in relation to soil and water conservation, crop rotation, nutrient management, and tillage.



B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 1974.
M.Sc., Washington State University, 1977.
Ph. D., Iowa State University, 1983.

Employment History

Extension Soil Scientist, Oregon State University, 1985 to Present.
Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, 1982 to 1985.
Graduate Assistant, Iowa State University, 1977-1982.
Soil Scientist, Soil Conservation Service, 1975-1977.
Graduate Assistant, Washington State University, 1975-1977.


Wysocki, D.J.  2001.  Understanding Soil Organic Matter.  Oregon Agri. Exp. Stn Special Report 1026 pp 96-101. 

Wilkins, D.E., D.J. Wysocki, M. Siemans, S. Ott, B. Correa, and T. Johlke, 2002. Fertilizer Placement in annual Crop Direct Seeded Canola.  Agri. Exp. Stn Special Report 1040 pp 76-81. 

Outreach and Extension

OSU 54-B, Fertilization of Continuously Cropped Winter and Spring Grains-Low Precipitation Zone   Don Wysocki, Larry Lutcher, Donald Horneck, Steven Petrie.

OSU 54-D, Fertilization of Annually Cropped Winter and Spring Grains-Intermediate Precipitation Zone , Don Wysocki, Larry Lutcher, Donald Horneck, Steven Petrie.