Gary  Kiemnec

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Gary Kiemnec
Emeritus Professor, Weed Ecology Crop Management

Dr. Kiemnec is one of two Crop & Soil Science faculty at Eastern Oregon University who offer Crop Management degrees at that location and support degrees in Rangeland Management and Agricultural Business. Dr. Kiemnec has primary responsibility for soils and pest management related classes.

Eastern Oregon University
Department of Crop and Soil Science
105E Badgley Hall One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850
United States
(541) 962-3811


Educational Background

1969- B.A  Botany, Indiana University
1974-  M.S.  Horticulture, Purdue University     
1984-  Ph.D.  Soil Science, Oregon State University


Kiemnec, G. L. and M. L. McInnis.  2009.  Sulfur Cinquefoil (Potentilla recta) seed ecology: seed bank survival and water and salt stresses on germination.  Invasive Plant Science and Mgmt. 1:22-27.

Larson, L. and G. Kiemnec. Germination of Two Noxious Range Weeds Under Water and Salt Stresses with Variable Light Regimes. 2005. Weed Technology. 19:197-200.

Kiemnec, G. L., D. L. Walenta, and C. R. McNeal. 2005. Effect of P and K Fertilization Strategies on Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production. 2004 Seed Production Research at OSU., p. 57

Larson, L., M. Borman, and G. Kiemnec. Russian knapweed germination and grazing/herbicide trials – preliminary results.  June, 2004.  In  Current Forage and Livestock Production Research.  OSU Ag. Expt. Sta. Special Report 1052.