Kelly J Morales
OSU Campus
Benton County
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Soil Science
3063 ALS Building
Campus Way
Corvallis, OR
United States
541 737-5749


Currently, I teach CSS 205, ecampus.  I have also taught Soil Morphology and Classification (SOIL 466/566), and Environmental Soil Chemistry (SOIL 445).


Students in my classes are often busy juggling home, children, work, and school.  I strive for inclusiveness and accommodation.  My focus is on helping students find ways to complete their class work, amidst all the turmoil and stressors that unfold daily.

As a Soil Scientist, I've worked in the private sector, for government agencies, and am currently teaching soil science at the 200 level of classes.  Students taking my classes are often at the gateway of deciding what career direction they want to take.  Others are in business for themselves or are enhancing current career skills.  Accommodating the various needs of these individuals contributes to their successful educational journey.

The soil resource is the basis for our existence, so it is only natural that we feel a link to the earth...a desire to learn more.  My emphasis is on soil morphology and genesis.

My educational background includes a Ph.D. (Soil Science) and M.S. (Agronomy) from Oklahoma State University, and a B.S. (Plant and Soil Science) from the University of Massachusetts.



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Unpublished Official:

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Fun Fact

I admire and participate in projects that relate to building with soil or stone...earthbag building, cob, etc.  Actually, most inexpensive alternative housing materials are of interest.