Kevin  Hesson


Degree Level

Master of Science (MS)
Kevin Hesson
Graduate Research Assistant / Graduate Teaching Assistant


Soil Carbon Storage

Global Carbon Cycle

Remote Sensing and Predictive Mapping

Department of Crop and Soil Science
Soil Science
Graduate School


Comparison study on long term C storage in the full soil fraction at timber harvested and non-harvested sites atop the Colombia River Basalt Flow. Study includes examination of the impact of climatic variations on soil C storage using mineralogy to standardize site selection.


Hesson, K, and Turk, J. 2015. Charcoal Hearth Soils: Remnants of the Iron Industry in the Northeastern U.S. Natural Sciences Education. In press.

Hesson, K. 2015. Saga of Sorrow: Story of the Guatemalan Civil War. Stockton University, 1-69.

Awards and Honors

Friends of Hellenic Studies Scholarship

Research Experience for Undergraduates Scholarship

Stockton Board of Trustees Fellowship for Distinguished Students

Central National Gottesman Scholarship

William Gilmore-Lehne Memorial Scholarship

Darrel S. Metcalfe Student Manuscript Contest: 1st Place

Fun Fact

I have studied historic Crusader castles on Rhodes, Greece. It is a place which lays claim to the title of oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.