Mary Corp
Director, Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center (CBARC), Outreach and Engagement Regional Administrator in the Upper Columbia Basin

I work with various techniques to control weeds in dryland wheat production. This work includes seeding rates, seeding patterns, and various in-crop tillage options. Currently I am looking at the effects of green manure on moisture-limited dryland wheat production. In addition, I am studying dryland spring wheat, barley and wheat, plus fallow rotations.

Gilliam County
Morrow County
Sherman County
Umatilla County
Wheeler County
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Umatilla County
2411 SW Carden P O Box 100
Pendleton, OR 97801
United States
(541) 278-5403


  • Weed control strategies in dryland organic wheat production.
  • Green manure (Austrian winter peas).
  • Fallow season tillage options.
  • In-crop tillage options.