News for the Crop and Soil Science Department

Alarm sounded over white top infestation in Malheur County (Capital Press)

White top, an invasive weed, has exploded to alarming levels in Malheur County this year. “This is the worst it’s ever been,” said Oregon State University Cropping Systems Extension Agent Bill Buhrig, who has lived in the county for 40 years. “It’s all over the place.”


Stripe rust detected early from Eastern Idaho to Eastern Oregon (Capital Press)

Stripe rust in wheat has been an intermittent problem in Eastern Oregon and the last two years it arrived late enough in the season that most growers decided not to treat for it, said Bill Buhrig, an Oregon State University Extension cropping systems agent.


Producer, distributor and institutional chefs team up to go whole hog

A meat distribution company, a catering service that operates corporate and institutional cafes, and a Washington pork producer are tweaking the food system in a way that saves money and reduces waste.

Whether the model can be applied across the broader market is unclear, but observers say it’s an important change that can benefit small to mid-size producers while providing urban consumers with high-quality, food.


Winter Cutworm: A New Pest Threat in Oregon (OSU Extension Catalog)

Damage from winter cutworm (the common name for the larval stage of the large yellow underwing moth) is a growing concern. In 2015, large numbers of larvae were observed around homes, within golf courses, and in field crops located in Oregon and Washington. This publication highlights general information about winter cutworm, including identification, scouting recommendations, and potential control measures.