News for the Crop and Soil Science Department

Wheat farmers awaiting ‘million dollar rain’

Eastern Oregon wheat fields are already turning shades of amber in the wake of unusually warm weather that kicked off the month of June.

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Increasing native seed supply for restoration efforts in the western United States (International Network for Seed-Based Restoration)

One effective method for increasing seed availability is through the establishment of agronomic-style seed propagation and increase programs that produce native plant seed for restoration. Oregon State University’s Malheur Experimental Station (OSU MES) in Onatrio, Oregon is leading this effort.


Alarm sounded over white top infestation in Malheur County (Capital Press)

White top, an invasive weed, has exploded to alarming levels in Malheur County this year. “This is the worst it’s ever been,” said Oregon State University Cropping Systems Extension Agent Bill Buhrig, who has lived in the county for 40 years. “It’s all over the place.”


Stripe rust detected early from Eastern Idaho to Eastern Oregon (Capital Press)

Stripe rust in wheat has been an intermittent problem in Eastern Oregon and the last two years it arrived late enough in the season that most growers decided not to treat for it, said Bill Buhrig, an Oregon State University Extension cropping systems agent.