Rory  McDonnell


pest management
pest ecology
biological invasions
biological control
novel attractants
biorational molluscicides
Rory McDonnell
Assistant Professor
OSU Campus
Department of Crop and Soil Science
127 Crop Science Building,
3050 SW Campus Way,
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


My program is focused on 1) understanding the ecology of invasive slugs and snails in agriculture, horticulture, urban areas, the natural environment and at the interface of these systems, and 2) developing and implementing novel strategies for the management of these pests. We are currently investigating the potential for using plant extracts as novel biorational molluscicides, assessing the potential for using natural enemies as biological control agents, and identifying novel attractants for use in both trapping, and attract-and-kill strategies. 

Our research is funded by grants from the USDA-APHIS, USDA-NRCS, European Union, Western Region IPM Center, Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Nursery Association, Christmas Tree Promotion Board, Oregon Seed Council, Agricultural Research Foundation and California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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Office: Rm 127 Crop Science Building

Research Laboratory: Rm 449 Crop Science Building

I accept graduate students for Crop and Soil Science


Recent publications

Mc Donnell, R.J. (in press) Essential oils and their constituents as novel biorational molluscicides for terrestrial gastropod pests. In: Pesticides Handbook: Essential Oils for Pest Control (Eds. L.M. Nollet, and H.S. Rathore).

Tandingan De Ley, I., Mc Donnell, R.J., Paine, T. and De Ley, P. (in press) Phasmarhabditis: The Slug and Snail Parasitic Nematodes in North America. In: Biocontrol Agents: Entomopathogenic and Slug Parasitic Nematodes (Eds. M. M.M. Abd-Elgawad, T. Hassan Askary, and J. Coupland).

Carnaghi, M., Rae, R., Tandingan De Ley, I., Johnston, E., Kindermann, G., Mc Donnell, R., O’Hanlon, A., Reich, I., Sheahan, J., Williams C., Gormally, M. (2017) Nematode associates and susceptibility of a protected slug Geomalacus maculosus to four biocontrol nematodes. Biocontrol Science and Technology 27: 294-299

Reich, I., Mc Donnell, R., McInerney, C., Callanan, S., and Gormally, M. (2017) EU-protected slug Geomalacus maculosus and the sympatric Lehmannia marginata in commercial forests: What can the mark-recapture method tell us about their population densities? Journal of Molluscan Studies 83: 27-35.

Johnston, E., Kindermann, G., O'Callaghan, J., Burke, D., McLoughlin, C., Horgan, S., Mc Donnell, R., Williams, C. and Gormally, M. (2017) Monitoring the EU protected Geomalacus maculosus (Kerry Slug): what are the factors affecting catch returns in open and forested habitats? Ecological Research 32: 95 – 104.

Holovachov, O., Boström, S., Tandingan De Ley, I., Mc Donnell, R.J., Alvarado, S., Paine, T., and De Ley, P. (2016) Alloionema similis sp. n., a genetically divergent sibling species of A. appendiculatum Schneider, 1859 (Rhabditida: Alloionematidae) from invasive slugs in California, USA. Systematic Parasitology 93: 877-898.

Mc Donnell, R.J., Yoo, J, Patel, K, Rios, L., Hollingsworth, R., Millar, J. and Paine, T. (2016) Can essential oils be used as novel drench treatments for the eggs and juveniles of the pest snail Cornu aspersum in potted plants? Journal of Pest Science 89: 549-555

Mc Donnell, R.J., Santangelo, R., Paine, T. and Hoddle, M. (2016) The feeding behavior of Rumina decollata (Subulinidae: Gastropoda) raises questions about its efficacy as a biological control agent for Cornu aspersum (Helicidae: Gastropoda). Biocontrol Science and Technology 26: 331-336.

Tandingan De Ley, I., Holovachov, O., Mc Donnell, R.J., Bert, W., Paine, T. and De Ley, P. (2016) Description of Phasmarhabditis californica new species and first report of P. papillosa (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) from invasive slugs in the United States. Nematology 18: 175-193.

Reich, I., Gormally, M., Allcock, L., Mc Donnell, R.J., Castillejo, J., Iglesias, J., Quintero, J. and Smith, C. (2015) Protected Lusitanian slug Geomalacus maculosus (Pulmonata: Arionidae): genetic studies reveal close link between Irish and Northern Spanish specimens and long-term allopatric divergence of Iberian population. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 116: 156 – 168.

Tandingan De Ley, I., Mc Donnell, R.J., Lopez, S., Paine, T. and De Ley, P. (2014) First record of Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita (Nematoda: Rhabditidae), a potential biocontrol agent isolated for the first time from invasive slugs in North America. Nematology 16: 1129 – 1138.

Staunton, J.A., Mc Donnell, R.J., Gormally, M.J., Williams, C.D., Henry, T. and Morrison, L. (2014) Assessing metal contamination from construction and demolition (C&D) waste used to infill wetlands: using Deroceras reticulatum (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 16: 2477 – 2487.

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