Ryan C Graebner

Degree Level

Doctorate (PhD)
Ryan C Graebner
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Crop Science


Current Research

Identification of resistance to Columbia Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne chitwoodi) and Verticillium Wilt (Verticillium sps.) in wild potato accessions.

Crossing designs for germplasm improvement in potatoes.

R Packages Developed

GeneticSubsetter: An R package designed to identify subsets of germplasm collections that are informative for rare-trait discovery and GWAS using genetic marker data (described here).


Xiao S, Callaway RM, Graebner R, Montesinos D (Submitted) Modeling the relative importance of ecological factors in exotic invasion: the origin of competitors matters, but disturbance in the non-native range tips the balance. Ecological Modeling.

Belcher AR, Graebner RC, Cuesta-Marcos A, Fisk S, Filichkin T, Smith K, Blake V, Hayes PM (2015) Registration of the TCAP FAC-WIN6 barley panel for genome wide association studies. Journal of Plant Registrations DOI:10.3198/jpr2014.12.0083crmp.

Graebner RC, Hayes PM, Hagerty CH, Cuesta-Marcos A (2015) A comparison of Polymorphism Information Content and Mean of Transformed Kinships as criteria for selecting informative subsets of barley (Hordeum vulgare) from the USDA Barley Core Collection. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution DOI 10.1007/s10722-015-0265-z.

Graebner RC, Wise M, Cuesta-Marcos A, Geniza M, Blake T, Blake VC, Butler J, Chao S, Hole DJ, Horsley R, Jaiswal P, Obert D, Smith KP, Ullrich S, Hayes P (2015) Quantitative trait loci associated with the tocochromanol (vitamin E) pathway in barley. Plos One DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0133767.

Graebner RC, Cuesta-Marcos A, Fisk S, Brouwer BO, Jones SS, Hayes PM (2014) Registration of ‘Alba’ Barley. Journal of Plant Registrations 9:1-5.

Graebner RC, Callaway RM, Montesinos D (2012) Invasive species grows faster, competes better, and shows greater evolution toward increased seed size and growth than exotic non-invasive congeners. Plant Ecology 213:545-553.