Science through a Microphone

John Yeo berry root rot disease

John Yeo, screening blueberry varieties in the greenhouse.

Inspiration Dissemination is broadcast Sunday evenings at 7pm. Recent Crop and Soil Science students interviewed include John Yeo, who is working on suppressing berry root rot disease, and Fumiaki Funahashi.

The objectives of Inspiration Dissemination are to:

  • provide a platform for OSU undergraduate and graduate students, whom are conducting research, to engage in outreach and practice disseminating the broader impacts of their research projects to a lay audience;
  • provide inspiration, insight and advice to current undergraduate and graduate students;
  • highlight exceptional research being conducted at OSU and inform the scientific community of current and ongoing research projects and opportunities;
  • serve as a recruitment tool for international and domestic students interested in graduate school at OSU.

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