Western Regional Sun Grant Project - Camelina

Development of Camelina as a Low-Input Oilseed Crop for Oregon, Idaho and Washington project ended in 2010.

Funding for this oilseeds project was obtained through a competitive grant from the Western Regional Sun Grant Center.   Russ Karow, Head of OSU Crop and Soil Science, is the project coordinator.  Project researchers are Stephen Guy (formerly Univ of Idaho, now Washington State Univ, Pullman), Tom Chastain and Carol Garbacik (Oregon State Univ Crop and Soil Science, Corvallis), Don Wysocki (Oregon State Univ Columbia Basin Ag Research Center, Pendleton) and Bill Schillinger (Washington State Univ, Lind).

This is a three-year project with four defined objectives:

1) to determine the optimum planting date for camelina across the PNW;

2) to identify from among available germplasm that best adapted to the PNW;

3) to explore nitrogen fertility needs of camelina grown in different environments in the PNW;

4) to share research findings through publications, field tours, grower meetings and other venues to allow camelina to become a viable part of cropping systems across the PNW.

2007-08 was the first crop year of this study.