Recent Research Publications
  • Rhodes, E.M., O.E. Liburd, C. Kelts. S.I. Rondon, and R.R.
         Francis. 2006. Comparison of single and combination
         treatments of Phytoseiulus persimilis, Neoseiulus
         californicus, and Acramite for control of twospotted spider
         mites in strawberries. Entomol. Appli. 39: 213-225.

  • Rondon, S.I., J.F. Price, and D.J. Cantliffe. 2006. Developmental
         time, reproduction, and feeding of two subspecies of
         Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in the
         laboratory. Fla. Entomol. 89: 85-88.

  • Rondon, S.I., D.J. Cantliffe, and J.F. Price. 2005. Population
         dynamics of the cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover
         (Homoptera: Aphididae) in strawberry grown under
         protected culture. Fla. Entomol. 88: 152–158.

  • Chandler, C.K., J.C. Sumler, and S.I. Rondon. 2005. Evaluation
         of strawberry cultivars grown under a high tunnel in west
         central Florida. Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 118: 113-114.

  • Rondon, S.I., and D.J. Cantliffe. 2004. Chaetosiphon fragaefolii
         (Homoptera: Aphididae) a new pest for the strawberry
         crop in Florida? Fla. Entomol. 87: 612–615.

  • Rondon, S.I., and C. Vergara. 2004. Soil arthropod diversity in
         four sweet potato cultivars Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.
         (Convolvulacea) in Cañete Valley. Revista Peruana de
         Entomolgia 44: 73-80.

  • Rondon, S.I., D.J. Cantliffe, and J.F. Price. 2004. The feeding
         behavior of the bigeyed bug, minute pirate bug, and pink
         spotted lady beetle relative to main strawberry pests.
         Environ. Entomol. 33: 1014–1019.

  • Rondon, S.I., and M.E. Gray. 2004. Ovarian development and
         oviposition preference of western corn rootworms
         (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in four different crops. J.
         Econ. Entomol. 97: 390–396.

  • Rondon, S.I., and M.E. Gray. 2003. Captures of western corn
         rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) adults with
         Pherocon AM and vial traps in four crops in east central
         Illinois. J. Econ. Entomol. 96: 737–747.

  • Rondon, S.I., D.J. Cantliffe, and J.F. Price. 2003. Anasa tristis
         (Heteroptera: Coreidae) development, survival, and egg
         distribution on Beit alpha cucumber and as prey for
         Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and
         Geocoris punctipes (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae). Fla. Entomol.
         86: 488–490.

  • Rondon, S.I., and C. Vergara. 2003. Effects of insecticide
         applications in the population dynamic of Labidura riparia
         (Pallas) (Dermaptera: Labiduridae) in four sweet potato
         cultivars in Cañete, Lima, Peru. Revista Peruana de
         Entomolgia 43: 121-127.

Non-Refereed Journals and Proceedings:
  • DeBano, S., G. Clough, N. David, P. Hamm, A. Jensen, A.
         Scheiber, D. Wooster, and S.I. Rondon. 2006. Research on
         the development, biology, and control of potato tubermoth
         in the Columbia Basin conducted at OSU’s Hermiston
         Agricultural Research and Extension Center. In Proc.
         Washington State Potato Conference. Moses Lake, WA. Pp

  • Rondon, S.I., S. DeBano, G. Clough, A. Jensen, and P. Hamm.
         2006. Biologia y Manejo de la polilla de la papa en el
         noroeste de los Estados Unidos. In Proc. Washington State
         Potato Conference. Moses Lake, WA. Pp 139-141.

  • Price, J.F., C.K. Chandler, J.R. Duval, S.I. Rondon, and D.J.
         Cantliffe. 2005. Thirty years of advances in arthropod
         management in Florida’s commercial strawberries. In
         Internat. Soc. Hort. Sci. Proc. of 5th Internat. Strawberry
         Symposium. Coolum, Australia (Accepted. In Press).

  • Rondon, S.I., D.J. Cantliffe, and J.F. Price. 2004. An integrated
         pest management approach: monitoring strawberry pests
         grown under protected structures. 7th Internat. Symposium
         on Protected Culture in Mild Winter Climates. Internat. Soc.
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  • Rondon, S.I., A.V. Paranjpe, and D.J. Cantliffe. 2004.
         Strawberry cultivars grown under protected structure and
         their susceptibility to natural infestation of the cotton
         aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover and to powdery mildew,
         Sphaerotheca macularis f. sp. fragarie. 7th Internat.
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  • Paranjpe, A.V., D.J. Cantliffe, S.I. Rondon, C.K. Chandler, and
         E.J. Brecht. 2003. Trends in fruit yield and quality,
         susceptibility to powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis),
         and aphid (Aphis gossypii) infestation for seven
         strawberry cultivars grown without pesticides in a
         passively ventilated greenhouse using pinebark as soilless
         substrate. Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 116: 740–755.

  • Rondon, S.I. and D.J. Cantliffe. 2003. Introduccion al manejo
         integrado de plagas en invernaderos en Mexico. pp. 233-
         244. In Curso Internacional de Produccion de Hortalizas en
         Invernadero. J.Z. Castellanos and J.J. Munoz (eds.).
         Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agraria. Celaya,

Chapters in Book: 1
  • Rondon, S.I. 2004. Manejo integrado de plagas en el
         invernadero. pp. 294–317. In Manejo de cultivos
         horticolas en invernadero. J.Z. Castellanos (ed.). 2a Ed.
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