Silvia I. Rondon

Research Interest
My appointment is 75% extension and 25% research. I am interested in developing an Ecological Based-Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in various crops. My area of expertise: biological control, insect biology, ecology, and population dynamics; both basic and applied (field and greenhouse production). Crops I have worked: potato, sweet potato, asparagus, cotton, corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, strawberry, and vegetables. My major responsibilities as an Extension Entomologist at OSU are to attend emergencies in irrigated crops such as potatoes, grasses, onions, carrots and others in Eastern Oregon.

Area of Expertise
IPM, Biological Control, Insect Ecology

Educational Background


Organizations and Affiliations

Honors and Awards
  • Professional Development Travel Award, 2006, Oregon State University
  • Luckmann Integrated Pest Management Award, 2001, University of Illinois
  • Alumni Award for Graduate Student Travel, 2001, University of Illinois
  • 2nd Place Student Competition, 2000, Entomological Society of Canada and Entomological Society of America, Montreal, Canada
  • Graduate College Conference Travel Grant, 2000, University of Illinois
  • Alumni Award for Graduate Student Travel, 1999, Univeristy of Illinois
  • Netherlands Fellowship, 1996, Wageningen, Holland
  • Honor Student, 1995, Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina, Lima, Peru

Home Town: Lima, Peru