Cemeteries and the Human-Soil Interface

The Sustainable Cemetery Studies Lab looks at the human-soil interface. Have you ever wondered what really happens in a cemetery? There's a lot going on down there! Why are we looking? What are we looking at? What do we need to know? As we...read more


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For Students

Unique online course for students, professionals and volunteers, and others exploring the tools, techniques and knowledge required to transition cemeteries to economic, environmental and social health
OSU SOIL STUDENTS - Participate in unique student service learning activities at Living Cemetery site projects coordinated by the Sustainable Cemetery Studies Lab; announced in Soil 205

Research and Extension

Using the soil for the disposition of the dead is one of the oldest human activities the exploration of our ancient past has revealed to us...
We support educators, researchers, naturalists and passionate volunteers bringing subject area expertise to bear as we consider the ecological, financial and cultural dimensions of cemetery operation.