Soil Science Consultation for Research throughout Oregon

Soil science is integral to research throughout many departments at Oregon State University. Recognizing that most researchers can only be experts in their own field, we want to bring our soil science expertise to your project. Whether you are studying drought tolerance in wheat, carbon sources and sinks in a forest, or the decomposition of a newly developed material, we can help you with your soil science related questions.

You can set up an appointment to discuss your project. Tell us what your research objectives are, why you think you might need to consider soil factors, and what kind of data you think would be helpful to answer your questions. We will help you come up with a statistically robust sampling protocol, explain the analyses that could be helpful, discuss considerations that could be relevant to your project, and perform the soil and or plant analyses for you. If you have a lot of samples, we can do training on basic procedures to allow for a significant discount on the price of analysis.

This service will be billed as research, development, and training at $40/hr. Often the initial meeting takes one hour, maybe more if you are just starting a grant (recommended) or soil science a significant component of your research. This consultation can allow for more scientifically relevant results, statistically robust experimental design, and more confidence that your soils related work will be accepted by the journal of your choice.

Please contact Shannon Andrews if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

541-737-2187                               ALS 3079