Prior to sampling consult the extension publication relevant to your production needs to determine your sampling protocol. Differences in the time of day, number of days after planting, and plant part can results in differences in your analytical results, so it is recommended that you are consistent and choose methods that have been indexed through published works.  If possible dried samples are preferred, but we can easily dry them for you. If you send a high-moisture plant sample, send at least four ounces (~100 grams) and make sure they arrive within two days to avoid mold accumulation. Fresh samples should be put in a labeled Ziploc-type bag. If samples are dry, each sample can be in an envelope, plastic bag, or paperbag. If sending more than one sample, clearly number each bag and keep a record of which number goes with which sample. With your samples, submit a completed sample submission form, which you can find under the tab "submitting your sample."

Mail your samples to: 

Oregon State University
Central Analytical Laboratory
3017 Ag Life Sciences Building
Corvallis, OR 97330

Or drop them off directly at the lab Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 at room 3079 in the Ag Life Science Building