Here are a few of favorites job sites contributed by Jay Noller, Crop and Soil Science Department Head.

  • An omnibus site - you have to choose your discipline first, so check out a few.  Most positions are overseas, with a few academic positions scattered about.
  • Another is a broad-spectrum search engine that does know what a soil scientist is.
  • LinkedIn and other social network sites have some sort of traditional word-of-mouth job notice function as well.
  • For that community college or university position, try this site or for Europe
  • Check out the position-open pages of societies...SSSA, GSA, ESA, Etc.
  • AGU Career Center of the American Geophysical Union has the best and most densely populated listings, especially for you postdoc and academic types, and the best offerings of the consulting and industrial world.  They have webinars to get you in hiring shape!
  • Finally, for US citizens, is USAJOBS.GOV, where you can find several dozen openings at anytime in soil science across the country. The process of creating a profile, filling out a form resume and  entering in personal data takes several hours to do.  You have to get at least three referees and their information entered. So, get started now to make it easier when that dream position opens up.  The good positions are surprise announced and open for applications for very short windows...sometimes one day!  You have to spend time to build your our job search bot in their website to send you email notifications of job opportunities. You cannot afford to sit on their site all day. 

Be sure to ask Jay or any of the faculty for advice and referrals to creating your future job.