We support the missions of Oregon State University and College of Agricultural Sciences through our commitment to acquire, integrate and disseminate basic and applied knowledge about field crops and cropping systems in an ever changing world.  We educate undergraduate and graduate students and work with citizens throughout the state, nation and world to help solve problems related to field crop agriculture and natural systems, rural and urban economies and communities, and natural resource management.

Crop production and crop science at Oregon State University encompasses the following crops:


Our research involving cereal production involves not only traditional studies of the genetics and breeding of barley and wheat, but also encompasses cereal genomics, sustainable cropping methods and cereal quality.


Oregon State's expertise in forages and forage quality and maintenance is demonstrated by the Forage Information System, a virtual center of all forage information available throughout the world. In addition, faculty research has led to regional and national standards for forage quality and testing.

Seed Production

Our commitment to quality seed certification and production is demonstrated by the number of seed-related research projects, centers and laboratories. Seed Production Central covers current research projects and reports on seed research findings.  Resources for seed growers across the state and current seed production in Oregon is reported by the Oregon Seed Extension Program. The Oregon Seed Certification Service insures seed quality and varietal purity as a service to the Oregon public. And the Oregon State University Seed Laboratory provides seed testing services to growers and businesses around the world.

Weed Science

The Oregon State University Weed Science Group conducts basic and applied research and extension programs in weed science,  partnering with Oregon growers, the agricultural industry, and public agencies.


Two multi-year grants allowed Oregon State to thoroughly research oilseeds, particularly canola, and their use in bioproducts production. While the grant funding has expired, the research results gathered are vast and relevant for establishing and producing bioenegry crops.


Potatoes are one of the leading crops grown in Oregon, particularly eastern Oregon. Oregon State has a strong tradition of research and extension involving potato breeding and genetics that is carried out by experiment stations and extension offices across the state. Our potato programs act as a clearinghouse for the Oregon potato industry.