Retirement Announcement - Dr. Bob Zemetra

Dr. Bob Zemetra is retiring from an illustrious career as a Wheat Breeder/Geneticist at Oregon State University. Bob joined the Crop and Soil Science Department in 2011, after an equally illustrious career as a Wheat Breeder at the University of Idaho. During his time at OSU, Bob has released 10 varieties, trained 9 graduate students, taught plant tissue culture for 10 years to 139 students, and published 24 articles in refereed journals. In addition, he has served as chairman of the National Wheat Improvement Committee, the Western Wheat Workers, the OSU College Variety Release committee, and several departmental committees. Bob’s position will be filled in short order – filling his shoes will be more of a challenge. He leaves a strong research team and a pipeline filled with potential varieties and valuable germplasm. We thank Bob for his many contributions, and wish him well in his next endeavors – one of which is rumored to include hemp.