Prices updated October 2013.

13C or 15N CF-IRMS (single isotope mode) solid samples basic analysis $ 8.00/sample
13C and 15N CF-IRMS (dual isotope mode) solid samples basic analysis

$ 12.00/sample

13C or 15N CF-IRMS gas samples $ 10.00/sample
13C GC-C-IRMS (e.g. FAME) analysis $ 35.00/sample
GC-FID (e.g. FAME) analysis 

$ 10.00/sample

Sample weighing and encapsulation

$ 2.00/sample

Sample grinding

$ 3.00/sample

Acid fumigation (carbonate removal)

$ 4.00/sample

Methods development / Consulting on data analysis

$ 50.00/hr

Sample Requirements

All samples should be packaged individually and labeled with a numeric code. Supply us with expected elemental concentration and isotopic enrichment (e.g., % N and atom% 15N). Provide contact and billing information.

  •     Solid samples - should be dried and ground to pass a 40-mesh screen or better (powdered)
  •     Solution samples -  should first be dried or diffused onto filter paper disks
  •     Gas samples - please contact us for information on preparation of gas samples
  •     FAME or other GC-IRMS samples - please contact us for details

Total price and turn around time vary. Please contact David Myrold with any questions about price or sample requirements.

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