Oregon State maintains a site dedicated to all of the financial aid options available to you as an undergraduate, including scholarships. An online scholarship application is used to award both college and departmental scholarships. The deadline for submitting the online application is February 1 for scholarships awarded the following year.

In addition, the Timothy Scott Wirth Memorial Scholarship is offered through CSS. It requires a separate application and is only available to those who have or will graduate from a Linn County high school.


Undergraduate Scholarships 

  • Oregon Seed Association Scholarship – awarded to an Oregon resident based on financial need and pursuit of career in field related to seed production, improvement or marketing.  Committee selects 2 or more nominees for interviews.  Each nominee needs to submit a letter outlining need and qualifications; a letter from an advisor, supervisor or counselor; and an application.
  • Oregon Seed Cleaning – awarded based on Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Oregon resident, academics, financial need, career goals in seed production, marketing, improvement
  • Oregon Seed Growers League Scholarship – awarded to student with interests in the seed industry that is either from Oregon or plans to stay in Oregon, based on financial need more than academic achievement.  Selection is forwarded to the Oregon Seed Growers League.  Request that the awardee attend the annual OSGL meeting for presentation of the award.
  • Oregon Society of Weed Science Scholarship – committee selects two nominees from CSS and two nominees from HORT for interviews. Nominees will have an interest in weed science and at least one year enrolled in school with a cumulative of 3.0 GPA. Two awards will be made – one for eastern Oregon (EOU program) and one for western Oregon (OSU-Corvallis).
  • John Flanagan Memorial Scholarship – Based on financial need and involvement in some aspect of seed production, technology or science.  Committee selects 5 to 6 undergraduate nominees for interviews.
  • Arthur King Memorial Scholarship – To support students who have a true love of the subject of soil science.  Generally goes to top student in Soil Science. Restricted to U. S. citizens, undergraduate sophomore, junior, senior or post baccalaureate students in Soil Science.  CSS Committee nominates two students.  Head Advisor sends letter (email) to family describing student qualifications for the award, family chooses one.
  • Leo L. Anderson Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Soil Science – Based on scholarship, leadership, and experience in Extension or possible future in Extension.  This award has often been made to the runner-up to the King Scholarship.  Restricted to undergraduate and post baccalaureate students in Soil Science.
  • M. Dale Chipman – awarded based on Oregon or Idaho residents, seed interest, financial need
  • Wilson Foote – awarded based on scholarship, financial need, involvement in Crop Science Club
  • William and Heidi Geshwill – awarded based on Junior, Senior, GPA 3.0 or better, return to family farm
  • Donald D. Hill – awarded based on scholarship and financial need
  • Henry Rampton – awarded based on 3.25 GPA, community/university involvement, preference to Oregon grass seed families
  • Adams Family – awarded in alternate years (even fiscal years – CSS) with Animal Science, Junior or Senior, career plans in Ag food industry, production, processing, safety or marketing, scholastic achievement, financial need
  • McGuire – awarded based on scholarship and financial need
  • Larry Burrill – awarded based on financial need, interest in international agriculture and/or weed science
  • Wilbur Powers – awarded based on scholarship
  • John and Jean Krautscheid – awarded based on 3.25 GPA, well-rounded, community involvement
  • Sheldon Ladd – awarded based on 3.5 GPA, well-rounded with community involvement
  • Robert Warrens – awarded based on interest in farm crops and soil conservation


Other Funding

The Calvin & Merle Smith Wheat Research Endowment Fund supports a student’s work on an OSU wheat research project in any CAS academic department or Agricultural Experiment Station branch station. The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and related fields who are working on OSU wheat research projects. Funds may be used to help offset expenses including transportation, living expenses, tuition, projects, and research only. Download the application »