Soft White Winter Wheat

If you liked Stephens, than you will love the added yield potential of Mary. Although very similar to Stephens’s disease package, Mary has shown increased cold tolerance. As an added bonus, milling and baking evaluations indicate that Mary has overall quality superior to Stephens.

Mary is consistently among the highest yielding varieties in the 16-20 inch and >20 inch precipitation zones in Washington. This 16-18 inch rainfall is also the production sweet spot in Oregon. Mary is a great choice for late seeding dates and should continue to perform well during dry years – both traits credited to its early maturity.   




  • Excellent yield potential
  • Exceptional end use quality
  • Recommended for late seeding
  • Excels in dry, early harvest years

3 Year Yield Data

  Oregon Washington
  High Rain Low Rain >20” 16-20"
Mary 121.4 61.8 117 101
Stephens 114.7 59.5 - -
Trial Average 125.9 59 115 97
Mary - Soft White Winter Wheat - PNW Adaptation map
Disease Resistance: 
Mary - Soft White Winter Wheat  - Disease Resistance
Stephens/Madsen/3/WA 7163 SISTER/SA 463-GBR//Stephens