The Central Analytical Laboratory is now the Soil Health Laboratory

We are a service laboratory focusing on soil health, soil fertility, and plant tissue analysis. We accept sample submissions from researchers, industry, and private individuals. 


COVID-19: The Soil Health Lab is open and accepting samples. Due to the restrictions necessary to ensure public health, sample submission procedures have needed to be modified. Please contact the lab before sending in samples.

CONTACTING THE LAB: The best way to reach the lab at this time is via email at Calls may take up to one week to return but email response time is within 48 hours. Email the lab if you wish to set up a time to talk on the phone. 

TURNAROUND TIME: Expect 4-6 weeks for processing time. This estimate does not include shipping time. We do allow contactless drop-offs during Covid-19. Contact the lab for details. 

PRICE CHANGES: We have changed some of our analysis fees effective 7/1/21.

SUMMER FIELD AND LAB COURSES: A modified Soil 512/514 will be in session summer 2021. See the Education section for details or contact the lab. 

ANALYSES: Available water holding capacity is currently delayed until June 2021. We are still accepting samples but cannot give an estimate on turnaround time. 

Measuring wet aggregate stability with the Cornell Sprinkle Infiltrometer: