The soil physics research program focuses on investigations of pore-scale processes that affect mass and energy transfer through soil. Our research strives to advance our understanding in three areas that challenge us this century: (i) Sustainability of soil resources leading to food security; (ii) protection of water resources; and (iii) understanding atmosphere-earth interactions. In addition to these three global concerns, (iv) we seek opportunities to work towards the enhancement of Oregon’s agricultural enterprises.
Research projects include:

  • Improving agricultural productivity and sustainability in marginal lands
  • The Role of Fractures in Contaminant Transport
  • The role of soil cracks, animal burrows and Karst systems in soil-atmosphere exchange of vapor and gas
  • Sudden Oak Death: Movement of Phytophthora ramorum in soil
  • Soil Salinization: Understanding the evaporation salinization mechanism
  • Bacterial Transport from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)
  • Sustainable Agriculture in Senegal
  • Multi-State Regional Soil Physics Research Project, W-2188

Courses in Soil Physics

Covers principles of soil physical properties and processes as they relate to agricultural, hydrological and environmental problems. Lec/lab. Offered odd years. PREREQS: (CSS 205 [D-] or CSS 305 [D-] or SOIL 205 [D-] ) and CH 123 and MTH 241 and PH 201 or equivalent.

Theoretical elements of soil physical properties and processes related to agricultural, hydrological and environmental problems. Offered fall term in even years. PREREQS: Recommended are CSS 305, CSS 205, SOIL 205, MTH 241, CH 123, PH 201 or equivalent.