Austin Hawks

Sr. Instructor I
austin.hawks [at]

Office: 541-962-3543

Eastern Oregon University Agriculture Program

Eastern Oregon University, Crop & Soil Science 205 Badgley Hall, One University Blvd

Eastern Oregon University, Crop & Soil Science
205 Badgley Hall, One University Blvd
La Grande, OR 97850

Crop and soil science courses, including:  irrigation principles and practices, plant pathology, entomology, weed management, plant genetics, seed, cereal, oil, fiber, potato and global food production.

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Eastern Ore Univ Ag Prg
Courses Taught: 


  • CROP 300 - Introduction to Crop Production
  • CROP 440 – Weed Management (alt year)
  • ENT 311 - Introduction to Insect Pest Management (alt year)


  • CROP 330 - World Food Crops (alt year)
  • SOIL 395 - World Soil Resources (alt year)
  • CROP 407 - Crop & Soil Science Seminar
  • PBG 430 - Plant Genetics


  • BEE 439 - Irrigation Principles & Practices (alt year)
  • BOT 350 - Introduction to Plant Pathology (alt year)
  • CROP 460 - Seed Production (alt year)
  • CSS 320 - Principles of Oil & Fiber Crop Production (alt year)
  • CSS 321 - Principles of Cereal Crop Production (alt year)
  • CSS 322 - Principles of Potato Production (alt year)

Austin Hawks was born and raised on a small farm in Centralia, WA.  While on the family farm he enjoyed working with animals and watching plants grow in their large garden and hay fields.

His interests and aspirations lie within education, sustainability, agriculture and conservation production methods and practices. His personal philosophy of lifelong learning, through doing, is what drives him to further his career and increase his understanding, as well as others, in the natural interactions that are performed within environments.

My Publications


Journal Article

A. Hawks, Cardon, G., Black, B., and , Comparing strawberry salt tolerance using a low volume near-continuous gradient dosing system., Journal of the American Pomological Society, vol. 63, pp. 136–141, 2009.