Chris Ringo

Senior Faculty Research Assistant
chris.ringo [at]

Office: 541-737-5749

Crop Science Building

Crop Science Building 431B

3050 SW Campus Way

3050 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

My work has primarily involved landscape modeling in a variety of disciplines, including wildlife, ecology, potential natural vegetation, forest restoration, soil drought, and community exposure to wildfire.  Reallly, I'm interested in all things spatial, from data development, to spatial analysis, to spatial data presentation and cartographic design.

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Sometimes I geek out on my own time, too.  A while back I found out that the journal that Mary Ringo kept of her family's 1864 wagon trip from Independence, Missouri to Austin, Nevada had been scanned and was available for download from the Library of Congress.  Mary Ringo was the mother of the (in)famous outlaw Johnny Ringo, both of whom are in my family tree about seven generations back.  So starting with an existing spatial layer of the myriad branches of the California National Historic trail, I digitized the locations and text of each journal entry and put them in an online map. If you look at the journal entry for July 29th, just east of Caspar, WY (about the northernmost point on the map), you'll read the saddest journal entry.  That morning as Johnny's father climbed down out of the wagon, his shotgun accidentally discharged and killed him instantly. At 14 years old, Johnny witnessed this happening. One wonders the extent to which this event played into the man he later became.

The map is a work in progress, but you can click on a point to read the journal entry.

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