Pedro Martinez

Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Teaching Assistant
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Agricultural & Life Sciences

2750 SW Campus Way

2750 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Soil Science
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Soil genesis and geomorphology

OSU Main Campus

I am a soil scientist with geography background. I worked for three years with soil survey and environmental impact assessments for engineering projects in different ecoregions of Brazil, including Atlantic forest, Cerrados, Araucaria forest, Coastal plain, and Semi-arid northeast. In my masters, I investigated the relationship between geomorphology-hydrology-podzolisation in a barrier island (Ilha Comprida, Sao Paulo - Brazil). After obtaining my master's degree, I served as instructor at the Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro, where I taught the coursework of Geology I and II, Hydrography, and Research in Geography. Currently, I am working with carbon accumulation in Oxisols (Ferralsols). I am also helping to develop 3D models of soil aggregates and monoliths of soil profiles.   

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