Vance Almquist

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant
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Soil Science
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OSU Main Campus

I am a soil scientist with a love of biology, geology, chemistry, and physics; I am a pedologist.

I grew up in Salt Lake City and have spent a considerable amount of my childhood wading through the sagebrush ocean and among the cedars of the Uinta Basin.  I recived my B.S. in Soil Science from Utah State University, and am currently workign on completing my Ph.D. in Soil Science with Dr. Jay S. Noller as my major advisor. 

Most of my work up to this point has been in the soilscapes of the mountainous regions in eastern Oregon. In terms of soils, I am particularly interested in the role of biota-soil interactions with hillslope proscesses (e.g biomantles), the implications of this coupled system, and how soilscapes provide windows in time.

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