2021 Oregon Wheat and Barley Yield Trial Data

All data is preliminary. We reserve the right to include additional data and/or make corrections and modifications as needed.

2021 Oregon Winter Wheat Yield Trials (OWEYT)



2021 Hard Winter Wheat Yield Trials (HWEYT)



2021 Clearfield Winter Wheat Yield Trials (CWEYT)


2021 Oregon Winter Barley Yield Trials (OWBVT)


2021 Oregon Spring Wheat and Barley Yield Trails

Soft Spring Wheat (OSSYT)

Hard Spring Wheat (OSHYT)

Spring Barley (OSBVT)

*If you would like to see reports from these trials, please contact Dr. Ryan Graebner at ryan.graebner@oregonstate.edu.

Due to a calibration issue, reports from the 2021-2023 growing seasons originally had test weight values that were 1.8 lb/bu too high for all sites except Walla Walla. Reports downloaded after January 25, 2024 display the corrected values.