Submitting your Sample


Please fill out the relevant submission form to provide your contact information and analyses desired. We will bill you at the address provided, or index number after the results are complete. We will send results to the email address provided. 

Soil Sample Submission FormPlant or Compost Submission Form

CAL has seen a large increase in the number of samples submitted. We have a goal of getting results to customers within two weeks, but right now one month is more typical for a full analysis.

Commercial labs will always be faster than we are. If you need results right away to make land management decisions, we recommend sending your samples to a private lab. You can find a list of labs in the OSU Extension Publication "Analytical Laboratories Serving Oregon"   

CAL does maintain an APHIS compliance agreement for handling soils from some foreign countries, and regulated quarantined areas. If you are submitting samples from Curry County Oregon or anywhere outside of Oregon, you must call the lab prior to submission so that we can set up the appropriate labels needed for shipping and the sample handling protocol upon arrival. For many areas of California, you will need the following documents: Shipping Instructions, Quarantine Map, and a copy of our APHIS Compliance Agreement. 


If you are on the OSU campus you can bring samples directly to the CAL with your submission form. We are located on the third floor of the Ag Life Science building in room 3079. We are typically available from 9-5 M-F.

For those unfamiliar with OSU Campus, you can find an OSU map here 

Please send samples to:

Oregon State University
Central Analytical Lab
3017 Ag Life Sciences Bldg
Corvallis, OR 97331


Payment options

While we can accept checks, we strongly prefer to send a bill after the work is complete. 

Bill me: 

OSU accounting services will use your billing address from your sample submission form to send you a bill once the analyses are completed.

OSU Index:

If you fill in an OSU Index number on your sample submission form, accounting can easily charge your account.

Check in advance:

Not preferred. Customers often do not calculated the fees correctly or change their minds about analyses desired. If you are sure of the price you will be charged, you can send a check along with your samples. Please make sure to include the sample submission fee.

Credit card:

To pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit card, you can go to:

You will need to have your invoice number available in order to use this payment method. 

Turn around time

It is our goal to get you results within two weeks of receiving samples. However, we are getting very busy. If you do not need your results within two weeks, please let us know. Indicate the desired date for results on your sample submission form and we will do what we can to make this happen. 

If you need samples within two days of our receipt you can select the rush option. I recommend that you call first to make sure we can process your samples because there are times when the equipment is not functioning properly. If we cannot get you what you need, I will recommend sending to a commercial lab, they are almost always faster and cheaper than OSU CAL.