Hemp on the Horizon

Le'Waski Watkins with Hemp

Le'Waski Watkins | Horticulture and Crop & Soil Science | Tuscaloosa, AL

CAS Leadership Academy | First Generation College Student | Class of 2023

Budding Beginnings

I am the first in my family to pursue a degree and my family is poor. College is expensive and I am paying for it alone. I really do not see myself finishing with the cost but I just try to remain positive and work hard. I have been building my own business called Imperial Growth and I am looking to enhance my intellect here at Oregon State University so I can become a better scholar and business professional.

Hands-on Hemp

I chose my field of study because it changed my life: hemp and cannabis. I beat sarcoma in 2018!

I intern for the Global Hemp Innovation Center (GHIC) and I interned at the Winfred Thomas Research Station at Alabama A&M University. I'm currently doing research on CBD hemp to see how it adapts to different climates in the U.S. as well as paving the way for innovative research to help provide a safer, more efficient product for consumers. I'm also working with fiber and grain hemp. Hands-on experience is always a plus because I get to apply what I am studying and not just be in the books. Fieldwork makes gaining knowledge a better experience.


Keep on Working

I see myself furthering my education. I aspire to be an accelerated master's student in my undergraduate days and, if I fulfill this goal, I will definitely pursue my doctorate. Everyone said they saw a lot of potential in me even when I didn't see it in myself, so I started working harder.