This FAQ answers some of the most common questions that we receive.

Q. I would like to grow hops.  How do I get started?

A. Read as much as you can.  In the Resources section, we have provided links to a number of websites with information related to hops production.  In particular, the Hop Growers of America website has a good section detailing common hop production procedures. 


Q. I found this hop plant on my property and it makes great beer!  How do I identify which variety it might be?

A. If the unknown plant really is a variety, you can have a basic chemical analysis on the cones and compare that information to common varieties.  Also, your local historical society might have some information about old hop yards in your area.  Finally, the unknown genotype might not be a formal variety but rather a chance seedling from an old hop yard, or it's a wild hop plant.


Q. Where can I get hop rhizomes?

A. Several sources are listed in the Resources section.  Also, you should be able to find sources on the Internet.  Understand that rhizomes are usually only available in late winter to early spring.