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My research focus is to develop and facilitate the implementation of integrated pest management strategies for sustainable arthropod pest management in diverse Oregon cropping systems. My research interests include insect biology and ecology, host plant resistance, insect biocontrol, insect vector- plant-pathogen interactions, and insecticide resistance. I am the editor for the Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook; one of the widely used resources for practical insect pest management in the PNW.

My extension and applied research activities in Field Crops Entomology Program are aimed to deliver the latest information for the management of arthropods and related pests in field crops in western Oregon. The overall goal is to facilitate the adoption of improved arthropod management practices and whole system strategies (IPM) to improve profitability and environmental sustainability.

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Dr. Navneet Kaur is an Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist at the Oregon State University. Dr. Kaur received her Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida in 2013. Dr. Kaur did her first postdoctoral scholar studies at the Oregon State University (2014-2017) and then at the University of Idaho (2017-2019). Her research interests focus on insect molecular biology, host plant resistance, and IPM. Dr. Kaur has statewide extension and applied research responsibilities, primarily focusing on insect pest management in field crops in Oregon. Her research interests focus on evaluating new insecticide chemistries, investigating host plant resistance, and exploring biocontrol options for the development and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). She has authored 12 peer-reviewed research publications and 15 extension publications. Dr. Kaur is an editor for the Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook, one of the widely used resources for practical insect pest management in the PNW. Her extension and research program's focus will be to provide up-to-date, research-based information to Oregon growers on effective and sustainable IPM practices.

Professional Accomplishments

University of Florida (2010-2013): Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant

Oregon State University, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (2014-2017): Postdoctoral Scholar

University of Idaho (2017-2019): Postdoctoral Researcher

Oregon State University (2019- present): Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist 

My Awards
Honors and Awards: 

2013 Florida Turfgrass Association Colonel Frank Ward Memorial Award

2013 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Florida. William Bertha and Cornett Fellowship 

2010-2012 Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida. 2010-2012 Grinter Fellowship

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N. Kaur, Dung, J. K. S., Cating, R. A., Alderman, S. C., Walenta, D. L., Rondon, S. I., and Hamm, P. B., Insect abundance and its association with ergot disease of grass seed crops, 74th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference. Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference, Portland, Oregon, pp. 41-44, 2015.

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A new pest guide, Pocket Guide to Grass Seed Pests and Beneficials: Identification, Monitoring, Management, is available to help identify pests and formulate management practices.

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