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We're committed to acquiring, integrating and sharing basic and applied knowledge about field crops and cropping systems in an ever-changing world.
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Soil Science

We strive to understand the structure and function of the earth's surface. Our broad discipline includes soil biology, chemistry, physics, fertility, and pedology.
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Two years ago, Cynthia Beal started teaching an online course called Introduction to Sustainable Cemetery Management through OSU’s Crop and Soil Science Department (Democrat-Herald)
One of the most promising alternative crops Oregon State University researchers here have experimented with this year is camelina grown without any irrigation. (Capital Press)
Mid-valley farmers may notice a slight accent when they first meet Clare Sullivan, the new crops specialist for the Oregon State University Extension Service. (Democrat Herald)
“There’s this need, a perceived need and real need in some markets, that they need zero contamination. And that is very difficult to achieve,” said Carol Mallory-Smith.
Oregon State University’s Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center (KBREC) is home to innovative new crop varieties, especially potatoes. (Herald & News)


Interactions between ecosystem N and bedrock control...
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