Crop Science & Production

We're committed to acquiring, integrating and sharing basic and applied knowledge about field crops and cropping systems in an ever-changing world.
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Soil Science

We strive to understand the structure and function of the earth's surface. Our broad discipline includes soil biology, chemistry, physics, fertility, and pedology.
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Local wheat farmers depend on CBARC for the latest information on new crop varieties and growing techniques that can help them save money and increase production.(East Oregonian)
USDA awarded program grants to support farmers growing “specialty crops" to increase demand and address the needs of America's specialty crop industry. (
Russ Karow, former head of OSU’s Crop and Soil Science Department, has accepted a position as the next executive director of the OSU Agricultural Research Foundation. (Capital Press)
Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences said goodbye to seven long-time Department of Crop and Soil Science personnel in a celebration Dec. 12 (Capital Press).
Professor Tom Chastain from Oregon State University says the key to profitability is specialisation. ”Oregon is the leader in pasture seed production in the United States,” he said. (