Welcome to the Soil Health Laboratory at Oregon State University!

We are a service and teaching laboratory focusing on soil health, soil fertility, and plant tissue analysis. We accept sample submissions from researchers, industry, and private individuals. 


**2024 PAP Accredited Lab for Soil Testing (Performance Assessment Program)



SAMPLE-DROP OFF: Please contact the lab via email (Soil.Lab@oregonstate.edu) if you would like to drop off samples in-person. We also offer contactless sample drop-offs outside the lab entrance. 

CONTACT US: The best and fastest approach to contacting the lab is via our email at Soil.Lab@oregonstate.edu. Calls may take up to one week to return but email response time is typically within 48 hours.  

TURNAROUND TIME: Expect 4 - 5 weeks for processing time (dependent on sample size and package selection) as we are experiencing large sample volumes at this time. This estimate does not include shipping time. 

ANALYSIS DELAYS: Available water holding capacity is currently delayed until further notice.