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Jay Noller

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jay.noller [at]

Office: 541-737-9119

Strand Agriculture Hall

Strand Agriculture Hall 258

170 SW Waldo Place

170 SW Waldo Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

USA's Hemp Research Leader

Art Science
Soil Science - Soil Geomorphology
Archaeological Agriculture
Earthquake Geology

Jay and his research groups over the past forty years have studied

  • Applications of predictive mapping techniques in the survey of soil, geomorphological, and ecological units across forests, farms and rangelands in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and elsewhere;
  • Theory and practice of visual and installation art as research tool in Earth sciences;
  • Bringing sustainability science to cemeteries through research;
  • Systems of ancient agriculture; and
  • Impacts of earthquakes on natural and cultural systems.


Current Project:

Building a global vision for a hemp-based living carbon economy, including pharma-chemical hemp, grain hemp and (especially) fiber hemp.


I am no longer taking on new graduate students