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Office: 541-737-9119

Strand Agriculture Hall

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170 SW Waldo Place

170 SW Waldo Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

USA's Hemp Research Leader

Art Science
Soil Science - Soil Geomorphology
Archaeological Agriculture
Earthquake Geology

Jay and his research groups over the past forty years have studied

  • Applications of predictive mapping techniques in the survey of soil, geomorphological, and ecological units across forests, farms and rangelands in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and elsewhere;
  • Theory and practice of visual and installation art as research tool in Earth sciences;
  • Bringing sustainability science to cemeteries through research;
  • Systems of ancient agriculture; and
  • Impacts of earthquakes on natural and cultural systems.


Current Project:

Building a global vision for a hemp-based living carbon economy, including pharma-chemical hemp, grain hemp and (especially) fiber hemp.


I am no longer taking on new graduate students

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First leader for research and development of the Oregon agricultural hemp industry, Founder and Director of the world's premier research institute on Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) - the Global Hemp Innovation Center (GHIC). Since 2014, Noller has held the sole federal (DEA) research registration for marihuana in Oregon, is co-author of several legislative bills and administrative rules for Oregon’s hemp industry, and has developed collaborative research agreements and partnerships at over 20 institutions worldwide, in USA, Europe and Asia.

Teaching and scholarship is transdisciplinary in nature, combining elements of science, arts and other forms of knowledge. Including archaeological excavations in Italy, research principally focused on human interactions with soils in modern and ancient agricultural and forest landscapes of the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, with more than 40 large projects, spanning much of North and South America, southern Europe, eastern and western Asia, and Africa with more than 200 papers and maps, six books and other contributions.

Internationally known and exhibited professional artist with numerous commissioned large eco‐artwork installations and fine‐art paintings, with dozens of artworks on display in public spaces or private collections around the world. Noller's artliers are in Oregon and Kauai.

Professional Accomplishments

B.S.  Geology,  California State University, Los Angeles
M.S.  Geology,  California State University, Los Angeles
Ph.D.  Soil Geomorphology of the Peruvian-Atacama Desert, University of Colorado, Boulder

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