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Patrick Hayes

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Patrick.M.Hayes [at]

Office: 541-737-5878

Dr. Patrick Hayes is a Professor Emeritus of Barley Breeding and Genetics at Oregon State University. Since 1986 his research team has focused on barley - in its many forms and uses. Research thrusts have included: development of winter and facultative habit malting barley varieties; the many facets of winter hardiness; dissection of quantitative disease resistance; characterization and utilization of genetic diversity; stimulating local barley production; development of multi-use naked barley for organic and conventional systems; exploring the contributions of barley genotype to beer flavor; and barley quality assessment.  The OSU Barley Project has released 23 varieties/germplasms, developed 24 mapping populations/panels, distributed approximately 22 metric tons of barley seed, published 201 papers in refereed journals, and authored 13 book chapters. Pat has taught Plant Genetics to approximately 1,400 students: most graduated with a keen appreciation for the complexity and power of genetics. The rest survived. He has served as Major Professor/co-Major Professor for 34 graduate students, mentored 11 post-docs, and hosted 24 visiting scientists from 15 countries.  Pat retired from full-time work January 1, 2024. He is always available to answer questions, but never to offer unsolicited advice.