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Seth Dorman

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seth.dorman [at]

Office: 541.738.4157

Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Insect Ecology, Insect Toxicology

The broad focus of my research program is to understand the ecology and population dynamics of critical arthropod pests in field crop production systems through space and time. These insights are used to improve integrated pest management (IPM) plans and develop decision aids for economically important pests with an emphasis on geospatial analytics and predictive modeling, insect-pathogen interactions, and applied research.

Research Group Members

Biological Science Technicians
  • Casey Cruse
  • Chloe Oshiro
Graduate Students
  • Grace Tiwari (M.S.)
Undergraduate Researchers
  • Chance Hudnall
  • Christina Southwick
  • Daisy Rodriguez
  • Emily Cook
  • Emma Slone
  • Korina Shipstad