Weed Control in Oregon Horticultural Crops

Weed research at Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center 

Extension Publications

Best management practices for weed control in organic snap beans
Peachey, R. E. EM 9025. Oregon State University Extension Service

Puncturevine patrol.
Peachey, E. 2006. EM 8909, Oregon State University Extension Publication.

2013 Pest Management Guide for Wine Grapes in Oregon.
EM 8413-E

Horticultural Weed Control Reports

Each year, we compile results from vegetation management trials involving horticultural crops to communicate our results to colleagues and funding sources, and as an aid to complete minor crop registrations. This report includes work performed by faculty members within the Oregon State University College of Agriculture, the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, the OSU Extension Service, and colleagues who cooperated from adjacent states along with local enterprises.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained within the annual Horticultural Weed Control Report is not intended nor authorized for publication. Interpretation of data is at the reader’s own risk and cannot be construed as recommendations for application of any herbicide or weed control practice.

2012 Table of Contents & Weather Data

2012 Full Report - (includes table of contents and each section listed below - 2.7MB)
























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