Appleby CL+


Appleby CL+ has shown reliable performance in the driest parts of Oregon. With its early maturity and improved stripe rust resistance compared to UI Magic CL+, Appleby CL+ is a solid choice for Oregon's dryland growers.


Perfomance in <14" Rainfall Areas in Oregon

Variety Yield (bu/acre) Test Weight (lb/bu) Height (in) Heading Date Stripe Rust Resistance End-Use Quality
Appleby CL+ 55 60.4 32.3 5-13 Moderately Resistant Desirable
Trial Average 58 59.8 30.9 5-15    

*Data was compiled from the 2023 OSU Wheat Variety Trials Soft Winter Wheat Low Rainfall Summary and the 2023 OSU Wheat Variety Trial Soft Winter Wheat Disease Summary.