Soft White Winter Wheat

Rosalyn in known for its stiff, upright plant architecture that offers excellent straw strenght. This strong straw only further enhances its superior yield ability. Keeping in mind, this variety preforms best in >16 inch rainfall. 

Rosalyn also holds its own against diseases being moderately resistant to current races of stripe rust and displays a high level of HTAP. This variety has a moderate-to-high level of resistance to strawbreaker footrot, carrying both Pch1 and Pch2 genes.




  • Extraordinary yield potential
  • Superior straw strength
  • Moderately resistant to stripe rust
  • Resistant to strawbreaker footrot

3 Year Yield Data

  Oregon Washington
  High Rain Low Rain >20” 16-20"
Rosalyn 131.8 63.3 123 102
SY Ovation 132 61.6 110 100
Trial Average 125.9 59 115 97
Rosalyn - Soft White Winter Wheat - PNW Adaptation map
Disease Resistance: 
Rosalyn - Soft White Winter Wheat
NSL 99-4160/Tubbs