2017 Seed Production Research Report



Author Index

Blue Mountain Seeds, Inc., Imbler, OR

B. Merrigan, General Manager

Cooperative Extension Service—OSU 

N.P. Anderson, Area Extension Agronomist, North Willamette Valley 

M. Mellbye, Area Extension Agronomist (emeritus), Linn County

C.S. Sullivan, Small Farms and Community Food Systems Agent, Deschutes County

D.L. Walenta, Area Extension Agronomist, Union County

Department of Crop and Soil Science—OSU

T.G. Chastain, Professor, Seed Crop Physiology

D.W. Curtis, Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Weed Science

S. Elias, Professor, Seed Science and Technology

C.J. Garbacik, Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Seed Crop Physiology 

T. Hudgins, Graduate Student, Seed Crop Physiology 

A.G. Hulting, Associate Professor, Extension Weed Specialist 

C.A. Mallory-Smith, Professor (emeritus), Weed Science 

R.J. McDonnell, Assistant Professor, Slug Specialist 

A.D. Moore, Assistant Professor, Extension Soil Fertility Specialist 

K.C. Roerig, Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Weed Science 

Oregon State University Seed Lab 

Y. Wu, Biological Science Research Technician 



This report has been published with a grant from the Oregon Seed Council
Appreciation is expressed to the Officers of the 2017–2018 Oregon Seed Council:
Greg Loberg, President
Kent Burkholder, Vice President
Charles Ortiz, Second Vice President
Don Doerfler, Treasurer
Brian Glaser, Immediate Past President
Business Address:
Oregon Seed Council
494 State Street, Suite 220
Salem, OR 97301
Tel: (503) 585-1157
FAX: (503) 585-1292
Sincere appreciation is also extended to the growers who have allowed trials to be conducted on their farms. Data presented in many of the research reports would not be available without their cooperation.
Lastly, appreciation is expressed to Teresa Welch, Wild Iris Communications, for her conscientious attention to detail in formatting this manuscript for publication.