2023 Seed Production Research Report



Author Index

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center—OSU

J.F. Spring, Agronomist, Central Oregon Seeds, Inc. Madras, OR

Department of Crop and Soil Science—OSU

N.P. Anderson, Professor, Extension Seed Production Specialist

B.C. Donovan, Faculty Research Assistant

N. Kaur, Assistant Professor, Extension Entomology Specialist

S. Mahoney, Undergraduate Extnsion Intern

D.J. Maliszewski, Faculty Research Assistant

R.J. Mc Donnell, Associate Professor

C.H. Richart, Faculty Research Assistant

G. Tiwari, Graduate Student

A.A Tomasek, Assistant Professor, Extension Soil and Water Quality Specialist

A.R. Willette, Faculty Research Assistant

Department of Integrative Biology—OSU 

D.R. Denver, Professor

D.K. Howe, Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Extension Service—OSU

K.C. Tanner, Field Crops Extension Agent, Linn, Benton and Lane Counties

D.L. Walenta, Extension Agronomist, Union Baker and Wallowa Counties

North Willamette Research and Extension Center—OSU

D.M. Lightle, Assistant Professor (Practice)

National Forage Seed Production Research Center, Corvallis, OR—USDA-ARS

L.C Breza, Postdoctoral Fellow

S.J. Dorman, Research Entomologist

J.M. Moore, Research Soil Scientist

K.M. Trippe, Research Microbiologist




This report has been published with a grant from the Oregon Seed Council

Appreciation is expressed to the Officers of the 2023–2024 Oregon Seed Council:

Kate Hartnell, President
Alex Duerst, First Vice President
David Goracke, Second Vice President
Emily Woodcock, Treasurer
Becky Berger, Immediate Past President

Business Address
Oregon Seed Council
28415 SW Villebois Dr. N
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Tel: (503) 585-1157
E-mail: Megan@MAC-Consulting-LLC.com

Sincere appreciation is also extended to the growers who have allowed trials to be conducted on their farms. Data presented in many of the research reports would not be available without their cooperation.

Lastly, appreciation is expressed to Teresa Welch, Wild Iris Communications, for her conscientious attention to detail in formatting this manuscript for publication.